What Is A Static Page And How Can I Add This To My WordPress Blog?

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Another thing with SEO is that you want to develop back links to your content and that is pretty much having other sites linking back to your content. This will make you’re content even more popular and ranking on the first page in no time. It’s like having votes for your content. We love votes!

The point that Google is the owner of blogger. com is really a good thing. Simply because Google owns them you could possibly end up getting your blog indexed and ranked faster. This means that you’ll start to get visitors to your blog almost instantly. And for this reason you will also be making profits more quickly than if you had set up your own personal blog site on your own domain.

For example you could use computer as a keyword which is very general and you would attract a large audience. But if you use Dell 564 laptop computer you will attract people that are specifically looking for information on that particular computer. If your article is about that Dell 564 laptop computer then you have a targeted audience.

One more thing you can do is have at least three subheadings (H1, H2, and H3) through out your content with the keyword in it, if possible. You will have this option if you are using Vidare till hemsidan nu.

Don’t rest on your laurels at this point, however. Consider changing your password regularly. There’s even a plugin to help you remember. It’s called CodeTree Pass Changer. The free version allows you to set a reminder every 30, 45 or 60 days. The paid version allows you to set a reminder at whatever interval you like.

The best platform to use to build up your website is a blog, specifically WordPress. Search engines love blogs because the content is fresh and organised well.

Upload your .htaccess file to your blog’s wp-admin folder. Now the only people who can access any file in the wp-admin folder must be using a computer with an IP address on your safe list (white list).Note: If you want to use the .htaccess file to limit access to your entire blog from specific computers, then you’ll need to copy and paste the above code into the existing .htaccess file on your website’s public folder (or wherever your WordPress blog files can be found). You must add the code into the existing .htaccess file instead of overwriting the file because WordPress has some important information in there already.