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The ultimate edge of PS3’s gamers is its unified online gaming feature which is the PlayStation Network. One feels like being a part of the game creators. Top multimedia features are on the console of PS3 and it is also connected with PlayStation Portable. While having all the high features, PS3 is not protected from occasional freezes and one knows that. It is the most irritating time when one is enjoying the best of the Watch The Sims and more time when everything suddenly comes to a halt.

One person begins trying to tag the others. Once they have tagged someone, they must join hands and work together to tag someone else. This grows and grows until the last person online gaming left is caught.

Suddenly find yourself in a close-quarter gun battle? If necessary, stop aiming with your scope and shoot from the hip instead. A pointblank shot with the rifle in any body location usually kills – just try and imagine where the crosshairs would be if you had them. And if you miss, or the target is still alive, THEN pull your handgun. Don’t wait for the bolt-action – you’ll never make it.

There are just a few drawbacks to mention. The first one is the short battery life of the console. This system used to be plugged in to the TV and now is battery operated. Many young kids will forget to turn off the system or will turn it on as they are playing, this can drain the life and leave a parent having to continuously buy batteries, and batteries are not cheap!

If none of these “how to get rich” tips work, you could always get married to a rich person: This may sound weird but this is one of the easiest ways to get rich in today’s world. Though it may not work to your best interest romantically, you will lead a happy and blissful life as a rich man or woman.

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