Trekking For Beginners – How To Get Into Hiking

New Zealand holds the top spot for hiking trails whether they are long, short and everything in between. Every one of their trails is breathtaking and best of all, rarely busy. Some may see more traffic during peak season and require reservations for lodging accommodations, but if that does not appeal to you there are many more quieter alternatives. So, pack your rucksack, grab all your necessities, lace up your hiking boots and get ready to hit the trails.

The Waterfall trail is an easy hike; found in the White Tank Mountains which are northwest of Phoenix. This is one of the best places you can find, the incredible Hohokam petroglyphs which can be found about half-way through the trail. The 2 mile round trip is great for less experienced hikers or people who want to take things a little easier.

Your main objective while hiking in grizzly country is to avoid surprising a grizzly along a trail. Surprising a grizzly can activate its “fight or flight” instinct, which can potentially be a very dangerous situation. Therefore, many of the following tips are meant to help you avoid this from happening.

When you first start looking at your choice of parks, you may look at the type of outdoors the site has to offer. Are the trails a bit easy or are they hard to walk? Determining your skill level on hiking is very important to avoid getting an injury.

Where do you stay if you travel to the Beavers Bend Resort Park? Glad you asked! The park is home to the forty-room Lakeview Lodge, and there are forty-seven different Beavers Bend cabins. Is camping more your style? The park also offers RV and tent camping. In McCurtain County, your weekend hiking getaway can include almost any kind of lodging – from a rustic cottage to elegantly-appointed log cabins nestled in the towering pines to a unique bed & breakfasts, modern motels and luxury resorts.

The trail – The first few hours on the trail are easy with great views and not very demanding. At this stage you are lulled into a false sense of complacency and tell your guide that you really don’t need their help. The trail is not difficult until you reach the 28 bends where it is very tough and at this stage you really have to push yourself. The 28 bends is a killer and you can see scores of tourist collapsed all along the side of the trail there.

However, for some people, they may not have decided where to go or what to do for their next trip. One thing to do for your next trip is try a bit of camping and hiking.

The other hiking is around the North and South Lake Public Campsite. In this hiking trail you will find many historic sites, waterfronts and mountain vistas. The trail is around 8 mile in distance.