The Value Of Project Management Software For A Small Business

The worst mistake any real estate investor can make is to purchase a property that bleeds money each and every month. This is called negative cash flow. The term negative is used because the investor is required to dip into his own personal pockets to produce cash to make the investment break even each and every month. Unless you have an endless supply of money this is a losing strategy. This is why you need to understand the importance of cash flow.

As we ordina say in sailing The crew must never see fear in the captain’s eyes You need to display leadership skills here. Don’t confide in even your closest employees that you are worried. Let them know that you understand the problem and you know what to do. You are taking some tough corrective measures right now, but everything will work out fine.

Let’s look at the different outcomes – We originally purchased 1000 shares at $12.50 for a total of $12500. We then sold the 10 calls and generated $0.55 cents a share or a $550.00 cash flow creating a new reduced average cost of $11.95 or for a $11,950 net debit.

This type of person’s train of thought is aimed in only one direction – his own. This person has shut down all the avenues of thought in order to recognize his own happiness, progress, knowledge, wealth or success. His only escape from this dilemma is when he fully realizes why he is not accepted, asked to co-operate, asked to share or asked to lead.

By automating the process of politely asking for referrals at your customer satisfaction stage of relationship you will obtain at least one new customer via referral for every four customers asked. It’s like buying five customers and getting one free!

Cash Flow Tip No 7 – Ask for progress payments for longer projects so that you’re not waiting to the end of the job before you can issue the invoice. This has the added advantage of providing some security of payment as well as increasing cash flow.

Bring your debt under one roof to grow your funding. With multiple lenders come multiple interest rates and multiple minimum payments. You can get rid of both of these by consolidating your debt with one lender. One minimum payment means that you will be able to put more money each month towards the principle of the debt and one interest rate will allow you to keep track of how much you are spending on this expense and allow you to negotiate this rate with one phone call.

Along the line of conversion are the sales. While building your list is important, again it is about conversion. Are your subscribers turning into paying customers? Do they buy your products or service?