Survival On The Road–How Prepared Are You If Your Car Breaks Down?

Food storage are you and your family prepared? Most people don’t like to think about the possibilities of a food shortage. If you are the type of person who thinks it won’t happen to you, please wake up. Reality is it can happen tsunamis, hurricanes, snow storms, tornados, droughts, earth quakes, floods, shaky global economy the list goes on and on we do not live in a perfect world.

Choose enzyme based cleaners if your pipes get clogged. These cleaners use natural bacteria to turn the sludge into a liquid, and remove it from your pipes. The enzyme cleaners typically are the best things you can find on the market.

A sewage backup into the toilet is caused by problems often deep within the sewage line. If you cannot handle the problem on your own, then seek out a professional to come over and clear it.

Give your child some water and one Cracker. Keep giving them water after the cracker for every 10-20 minutes for about another hour. If they are able to keep the Cracker down you can give your child a few more, but not to many. While one child may be fine an hour or two after throwing up, another might be throwing up again 3-5 hours later. Additionally, your child may stop throwing up, but may still have diarrhea for another several hours, or much longer.

The most important thing you can do in advance of a tornado is to identify where you will wait out the storm. When you have identified the safest place in your home, put together a “twister kit” that you can store right there. If you have a basic tornado bag stored in your safe place you won’t have to take precious time gathering necessary supplies before you take cover. This could save your life if a fast-moving tornado is headed in your direction.

Learn, as a family, the importance of having Survival Food and water supplies on hand in case of a trucker strike, a natural disaster, or just being unable to go shopping for an extended period of time. Let the kids put their math skills to work figuring out how large a supply a family the size of yours would need for 2 weeks, or 30 days, etc.

Pocket Tissues & antibacterial hand sanitizer. Assume lack of toilet paper and a sanitizer when approaching a public restroom and have these items ready to use when approaching any public restroom especially theme parks and concerts. Prevents infection promotes healthy living.

Getting out into the wilds can be very wonderful indeed. Being PREPARED, both mentally and with the necessary provisions, may be all that gets you home safely, should an emergency survival situation arise.