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Carhartt jeans were first manufactured in 1889, when the company started making hard-wearing work clothing for railroad workers. Since then, the company continues to make work clothing alongside its Carhartt Streetwear brand – a line designed more for style than function.

What kind of hobbies and interests do typical Dad’s find interesting? How about ideas such as golf, NASCAR, motorcycles, nba rumors, trucks, gourmet food, cigars, handyman stuff, movies, casinos, coffee, junk food or general “guy stuff”? Well, there are cool Father’s Day gifts in a basket that have all of these mentioned themes and more.

The more sets you do for a bodypart, the less frequently you should train the body part to give it a chance to recover. If you do fewer sets, you can train more frequently and recover from it.

12. Be a role model for your children by reading all kinds of printed material yourself, such as cereal boxes, newspapers, mysteries, cartoons, word puzzles, billboards…whatever you want. The more variety your children see you read, the more variety they are likely to read, too.

16. Have a Reading Theme Party where guests dress up like their favorite book characters. They can play Musical Chairs with a twist. Under each chair, place a book. When the music stops, the guests read part of that book. Take note of one child and make sure to stop the music when he is at different places. In that way, everyone gets to read several books. As a party treat, try giving a gift certificate to a bookstore where children may want to find a particular book and finish reading the whole thing!

Look for a park or public facilities that are open to the public near your place or in your city. Such facilities offer soccer fields, huge swimming pools, basketball court, hiking trails or group exercise session like yoga, martial arts or dance lessons. Even in your own area, you can do some things to have some form of exercise. Walk around or do some light running in the morning. You can even ask around to see if anybody is up for the challenge.

Starting with the Ancient Spartan Warriors- the most feared and respected warriors of all time and continuing with today’s military forces, gymnasts, athletes, martial artists and Hollywood celebrities, they all used or still use Calisthenic Workouts as the vehicle to achieve a greater sense of what it takes to live life and live it well.