Series 1: Getting A Job / Career During An Economic Change

You are unemployed. While you have figured out how to best spend your time while unemployed, your self-esteem is not where it used to be. According to the State of California’s Employee Development Department on Aug. 19, 2011, 10.5 percent of San Diego residents, 12.4 percent of Californians, and 9.3 percent of Americans are unemployed. You aren’t alone, but that doesn’t make you feel better. How can you feel like you used to or feel simply okay when you aren’t gainfully employed?

You need a career coach. A career coach is someone to guide and mentor you through his or her professional career advice. He or she is someone who can help you achieve your worklife potential. A great coach will give you the boost you need, whether you are just starting your job search or when you’re moving up the corporate ladder.

So breathe, and realize that you can do and be anything. As you feel yourself letting go of that nervous, negative energy, allow your mind to open up to new alternatives. Acknowledge your icf singapore situation; how did you get where you are today? Is it possible to recreate that process and go in an entirely new direction for yourself, your life? Of course it is. You did it before. You can do it again!

So that brings us back to my challenge. Like most anyone, I need health benefits and it helps to have a baseline income to weather business fluctuations. I could, and have, applied for a variety of positions related to the employment field. But nothing so far has been a real fit for both my experience and ideal job criteria. So, I am going to create my own dream job in the next 30 days.

Finally he began researching the companies that were hiring to find out more about what they wanted. (I call this informational inter viewing and is one of the first tactics I discuss with clients. Not sure why he left it to last.) The result was that he assisted a company VP in defining a job description for a position. The title was product manager but Mr. Kroog suggested that it needed to include elements of marketing as well as production to encompass the realities of the market today.

Stains or marks. Again, you would think this is a no brainer, yet one employer said he receives resumes with coffee stains on them. Accidents happen, however think about the impression you are making on an employer when you send out a resume that is not pristine.

Don’t know how to handle it with the huge spill down the middle of your white carpet? Need carpet cleaning tips to make the carpet look and smell brand new?

Make a plan of action for your job search, complete with goals, deadlines and action steps. You’ve lived off your parents for some time, however long it has been, and that’s okay if it helps you get where you need to be. But now it’s time to step out and start making it on your own. Although that may be a scary prospect in many ways, it’s also incredibly empowering. Know that you can and will take care of yourself. You’ll figure out how to do it, just get started.