My Car Is Having Black Smoke From Exhaust

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I own a ’95 Saturn SL that is consuming oil. I have to check the oil between gas fill-ups and then some. I can’t seem to find the cause of the leak. Also the car has very high mileage. What is the best weight oil to use to keep it running?

One service that is available to you for your intercoolers is frame straightening and reconstruction. Sometimes when you are in a auto accident it is so bad that it actually bends the actual frame of the automobile. Now you are able to have that problem easily fixed for you. Having a bent frame can be very detrimental to your car in a number of various obvious and unpredictable ways. And with using state of the art tools they are able to insure that your frame is perfectly straight without a question.

So at around 80,000 miles, the old Sienna started its new life as a Florida retiree. It now has nearly 150,000 miles. Last weekend, we discovered it was leaking oil.

Should you agree to the above recommendations, the technician will add approximately 4.5 hours of labor to his pay check, the service representative gets his commission and you’re out a grand – conservatively.

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