Is Article Marketing Any Good?

As a freelance writer, some of my least favorite projects are those where the client wants me to rewrite an existing article. I have since learned “the truth about this type of statement, “It only involves a little editing, “which in fact means, “You’ll have to rewrite the whole article so that it makes sense”! My advice to you is, simply be independent! Have you ever tried to determine in advance how much “editing” you have to do? If you agree with that, then be prepared to initiate a waste of time in the never-ending “rewrite article” process, which will even not pay for itself, because after all you are not a machine!

I have just discovered an Article submitter software that is going to blow your mind. Normally I am kind of reserved and do not go “ga ga” over a product but here I couldn’t stop myself from telling you about this software. If you are serious about SEO then you can’t do away with this.

So you should have a good article rewrite tool to help your writing. The Article Rewrite Worker is just a good tool suitable for you. You can download a free version from the website and you will like it. I am sure about that.

So you are probably wondering what you get exactly when you buy this product. Well apart from the back-link software itself you also get two other cool tools as well that add real value. The first is the Mass Cash Spinner which is an article spinner. This takes the hard work out of coming up with constant unique content for submitting to article directories. So you write one article and then spin it an unlimited amount of times getting a different one with each click. This is very useful because it can be costly to hire a writer or very time consuming if you were to do it yourself. The other tool is the blog pinger which informs other websites that a new post has arrived on your page which then turns into traffic.

There are a couple of ways you can do article rewriting while keeping it unique. You can offer a summary in article marketing, and a more detailed and complex article on your website. Alternatively you can re-write an article so that it is not exactly the same as your website, but conveys the same message to your article marketing readers.

Choose a Subject Matter You Are Familiar With. Before you begin writing think about topics that you have a lot of knowledge about–it will make writing easier. Additionally, you will not need to perform as much research, saving you valuable time. In order to maximize article views write about the most popular topics and keep it interesting.

If you remember these four P’s of powerful article marketing, and write and submit articles consistently, you will be on your way to building relationships, making more sales, and establishing yourself as the go-to expert in your industry.