How To Make Soy Candles At Home

By following the right candle making instructions you can make wonderful soy candles, without any hassle, in a very short time. The instructions are very easy and you also need not spend a huge amount of money.

Let’s take a closer look at these waxes. Basic candles will most often use soy and paraffin waxes. These waxes are used often because they are relatively easy to work with. The preferred wax is often soy between the two of these. Soy is a natural wax so it consequently burns without smoke or odors. In addition soy wax burns longer than paraffin wax.

Now this is my favorite of all of the creative candle making ideas that I and my friends and family have had. It is not only cool to look at, it is fun to make as you are going to find out with the next few steps. You are going to want to make sure that the tapered candle remains in place in the center of the wax covered milk carton. Now there are many ways to do this but I will tell you what I did to make this happen. I used a very small nail and I put it through the bottom of the carton and in to the tapered candle. If you think of a better way then by all means go for it, this is just what I did.

Wicks and wick tabs – What would a candle be without the wick? Well it wouldn’t be a candle at all. Cotton wicks are all natural and better to use with soy wax then wood or zinc wicks. Wick tabs are essential for safety as they help to keep the wick in place and keep it centered. The wick tab also ensures that the flame is extinguished when the candle is almost finished burning.

When I first began making candles the traditional container or pillar candle was my image of Candle making. Then learning about casting opened up the idea of making candles in the shape of fruits and vegetables. In time the figures that fit into Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays opened the door to plastic and latex molding.

Like any form of creation, candle making leaves the creator with a sense of pride and self-satisfaction which comes with a job well done. It involves making or creating the object from scratch, with your own hands, putting into it your creative ideas or thoughts and also your feelings. This form of creating something with your own hands leaves you a better person. Also, this art form can serve as an outlet for ideas and emotions. The candle maker often puts his inner most thoughts and ideas into making the candle. The more creative the candle maker, the more unique the final product will be.

Tallow wax and beeswax have been used in candle making for thousands of years. Tallow is derived from livestock fat like cattle and sheep. It has the drawback of having an unpleasant odor when it burns.

That’s how you can make your soy candle by following these simple candle making instructions. It’s simple, quick, cost effective, and yet so pleasing.