How To Get Rid Of Rats

I awoke early in the morning about 3:00 A.M. to the sound of stirring above the drop ceiling in our basement bathroom, the weather-had turn cold and had driven something into our warm home. We have lived in the same house for more than thirty years and have had only one mouse get in during the first few years that we occupied the house, so I was surprised. As I do most of the work or had in the past, I was sure that there were no openings that a mouse could get through but apparently I was wrong. Our parents live upstairs on the main floor and we no occupy the basement.

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Mouse can be a real nuisance to both your yard and home. Rottespærre is the most common way to trap a rat and then dispose them from the house easily. There are many different types of mouse traps available such as snap traps, live trap, glue trap etc. Snap traps function very easily by setting up just some sticky food. Live trap do not kill the mice but rather simply catches them. Once in a cage, you can dispose them far away from the home. Glue trap baits the mouse onto one sticky surface that resists the mice from escaping. This trap may kill the mice.

Please note, there are two different kinds of rat traps. There are the ones that kill the rats after they have been baited in, and then there are the ones that keep them in a enclosed box. Some models of enclosed boxes do kill the rat as well, so be sure to read about what the trap does before using it. Also, no matter what form of pest control you choose to go with, you are going to have to dispose of the rat after the trap has done it’s work.

There are those times in life when God sends us help, even when we don’t ask for it, and I sure was thankful for the help now. I ran back into the living room trying to find some way to get hold of him without getting bit. I spotted the tongs on the fireplace and grabbed them, heading back to the kitchen. With one quick motion I reached for his tail with the tongs, which have only a very narrow grip on the end, and to my amazement I had him by the tail! He was squealing all the way to the front door.

The traps have increased the Irulas’ quality of life, the children now go to school instead of catching rats all day. The Irulas’ are living longer due to the fact that their health risk has decreased.

I just can’t bring myself to toss Billy at this point. For now, Billy Abbott is my favorite pet rat in Genoa City and I will happily take care of him until Chloe comes back for him.