How To Change Engine Oil

Whatever was wrong with my vehicle had been going on for some time..and it was getting worse. There seemed to be a loss of power. I was seeing white smoke..or steam coming from the exhaust. I was losing engine coolant and when I filled the radiator and had the engine running..there were bubbles erupting through the coolant. There should never ever be bubbles coming out of my coolant !

Variety: A socket set can also be judged by the types handles it contains. The set should comprise of a T-bar, ratchet handle or spinner handle to turn sockets. One or more extension bars also make the set worth buying. The specifications of every piece should be included in the set. The set that has bits, such as usual screwdrivers, torx head, Allen or hex heads, would be an additional advantage.

As soon as the worn out plugs are finally out, you’re all set to set up the correctly spaced plugs. Begin by applying a bit of lubricant around the threads of each plug. Present day Harley Davidson motorcycles have aluminum heads and plugs have a steel shell. Repeated cooling and heating of the heads may trigger a chemical reaction involving the aluminum cylinder head and steel plug shell. The result is a plug that acts like it’s welded in place.

Well, all the indications were there as to what the problem might be. A blown head gasket. And, considering the miles piled on top of miles with this heap, a blown gasket wasn’t too surprising. While it was still running I drove over to the parts store to get some stuff to fix this latest breakdown.

The textured handle gives you a nice grip on the knife, and feels really good in your hand. The stainless steel pocket clip is easy on your pockets and replaceable with a Best Torque Wrench Under 100.

Sweat is highly corrosive and it drips, along with sports drinks, rain, etc., onto the frame. Although the frames are designed to drain, drain holes often get plugged leaving this festering brew in contact with delicate bearings and cables. The real damage is often where you can’t see it. If you see surface rust on bolts, the internal components are likely in much worse shape.

Coat every part of the new bushing kit with lube. There is no such thing as too much lube in this type of repair job. Place the new bushing where the old bushing was removed by using the clamps. Reassemble the washers and nuts in the exact order as they were removed. Put the new suspension bushing assembly back into the ensemble exactly as it was removed. Make sure to follow the correct order when replacing the washers. Make sure that everything is together and prepared for tightening, then use the torque wrench to tighten the main bolt to the exact specs for your vehicle make or model. Reassemble everything else in the reverse order as it was removed, and the job is complete.