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Learning acoustic guitar is an extremely broad topic. One that would fill many books no doubt. The following guide focuses on some of the most important aspects of playing guitar providing you with an excellent starting point. This guide was written for the right handed, absolute beginner using a steel string guitar. My apologies to all of you left handed guitarists in advance.

Over time this option is expensive. Private guitar lessons, on average, can cost about $15 – $30 for a half hour lesson, and $20 to as much as $75 for an hour lesson, depending on the teachers experience and reputation.

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Be persistent. Don’t give up! The one sure way to fail at a new business is to never start one. Yes, you will have setbacks or encounter more than a few naysayers along the way. And you may find that your original business idea has given way to an even better one. But if you have discovered a legitimate market for your product or service, done your research, and developed a solid plan for reaching your customers and meeting their needs, the benefits will far outweigh the disappoints.

A good place to begin is to make a “start-up checklist” where you can outline tasks like spending time at the library researching your market, interview an expert or two in your industry of interest, meet with an attorney to determine which legal form of business is right for you, etc. A checklist allows you to keep track of what’s been done and what you still need to do before opening your portes asfaleias to your first customer. And by being organized, you will be able to put your fingers on any record, receipt or lead almost immediately.

Finding a good teacher can be a difficult task and you should choose one carefully if you decide to go that route. Even the most talented guitarists, that have been playing for decades, can make terrible instructors, so your criteria for choosing a teacher should not be based on experience alone.

Whoever coined the phrase: “Practice Makes Perfect”, knew what they were talking about. Practice as many days out of the week as you can for at least twenty to thirty minutes, more if possible. The more often you play, the faster you will learn. Be careful not to overdo it though and take breaks of course. Your brain can only absorb so much information before it needs a break and your hands and the rest of your body need time to recuperate as well. When you practice do not rush through any of your exercises. Twenty minutes of quality focused practice is much more effective than an hour of sloppy practice.