Free Coloring Pages: Coloring Pictures For Pioneer Day, July 24

Where is the time? Time is money and we know that you don’t have much of either. Finding that one resource for FREE Easter printouts saves you on both time and money. Here you are!! This is a good resource for finding that perfect free Easter coloring page and printout for your classroom.

Activity Village is a new website for me. I just found this one in my search for Free Easter coloring pages. This is actually an awesome website for free Easter coloring pages. The pictures vary in difficulty or ease and are actually good for all ages and talent levels. I like the variety of the skill level and the website is easy to navigate. You just may find some free Easter coloring pages for your children here. There are over 30 free Easter coloring pages to choose from.

Green Jelly is an inactive page; I have tried to hover my mouse over every thing there and it seems like it’s a dead page. Maybe you need to have a certain species pet to have it do something. “Bouncy Supreme” and “Jelly Blobs of Doom” are two fun games that you can play three times a day for Neopoints; I’m not good at either of them but they can help you get the Top Gamer avatar. “Scourge of The Lab Jellies” is fun but addictive; you will have to figure out how to find this outside of the Jelly World portal.

Family Fun by “Parents” magazine: Browse bushels of Easter printables, coloring pages, egg decorations, stickers, and more fun activities at Disney’s Family Fun website. Free printables and activities include cards, table toppers, mobiles, stickers and of course, tons of coloring pages.

For a large variety of cowboy themed coloring pages that are free and printable check out this site. Here you will find over 15 different coloring pages that are appropriate for preschool and young children. Some of the images you will find in these free coloring pages are cowboys, cowgirls, horses, cacti, boots, and sheriffs. Here you will find cowboy coloring pages of a wide assortment.

Coloring Book Fun gives you a wide selection to choose from. You can print out the whole gang in the van or just Scooby and Shaggy. There are plenty of other choices to wet your child’s appetite. Each member of the Gang also has their own page so there is something for everyone on the wide variety Coloring Book Fun has to offer.

The Olympics is a multicultural event-a perfect time to introduce foods from other countries to your child, such as tortillas, pizza, egg rolls, pita bread and hummus, etc.