Declawing Your Cat – Don’t Be Cruel

Waterproof – The Delorme PN -40 is waterproof and can operate in very humid conditions. This is important for any hunter using a GPS in the field when the weather can turn rainy or snowy while hunting.

The shortbow is shorter, as you might gather from its name. It is a short distance bow, used for hunting small dyr in areas where a long bow would be too unwieldy such as in woods or forests.

Saffron – an essential ingredient in risotto Milanese, and, by the way, the world’s most expensive spice. The powdered version imparts the most flavor, but you can finely chop the strands as well. A little goes a long way. Let me say that again, “A little goes a long way!” Turmeric, sometimes known as Indian Saffron, is a widely used alternative to the more expensive real thing.

I also love to travel, and traveling and rock collecting go together really well. When I travel I always try to get a sample of the natural rocks from the area I have travel too. When I get my samples of rocks I always get them from places that have been already altered in some way. Like the side of the roads where they have already dug into the racks to make a road. You can find a lot of very beautiful rocks where they have excavated to make a road. These places have already been altered so you are not hurting any natural formation. I would never take a rock from a natural formation because I believe that we should not alter the earth as much as we can. Leave things as natural as possible for future generations to enjoy.

Vinegar – if you come across a true balsamico tradizionale, prepare to give up your right arm for it. Most of the stuff that’s sold as balsamic vinegar in the U.S. is sweetened wine vinegar. It’s adequate for most purposes, so keep some on hand along with, maybe, a bottle of red wine vinegar for salads and cooked dishes.

Of course, you may also find that there are differences when you’re traveling closer to home rather than abroad. You will have to decide how to keep in touch in different ways, most likely. Often trips that are within the state or only a few states away are shorter in duration and will mean that communication does not need to be lengthy. However, if traveling abroad, the trip is probably longer and opportunities may be few and far between. Here are my five choices for the best ways to stay in touch while traveling.

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