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We face a huge amount of stress in today’s work place where competition is high and deadlines are small. Exercising is a great way of overcoming your mental stress. Not only does exercise help in toning your body it also keep your mind in a healthy state. Any coach would confirm that affirmation.

Walking a basic exercise: It is a known fact that walking is considered as the best exercise for health. You should know that walking is the most helpful way to burn up the unwanted calories. You should know that walking is the cheapest way to keep yourself fit. This is because walking does not require any exercising tools. You just need a best pair of shoes, in case you are willing to start the walking exercise.

Try running downhills fast, then slowly come back up hill (as your recovery!). Find a hill that takes you 2-3mins to run down and do something like 5-8 repeats depending on your fitness. Run fast- this is a training session! Watch the ground 2-3 feet in front of you. Running downhill fast requires a huge amount of muscular co ordination and you will notice a huge increase in your flat running speeds as well.

Now we come to the exercise. I have to emphasize that doing this as described is vital i.e. very important to getting the most from this activity. It took me a two or three days before I could do it consistently without using my finger.

In your bed, you will perform exercises to foot and ankle, thigh squeezes, bottom squeezes, and knee bending. Leg sliding and leg lifting are also done while lying down on the bed.

If parents see a Down syndrome child having trouble holding up her neck, it is essential to call it to the attention of the doctor so that physiotherapy can be ordered to strengthen neck muscles. This is one example of many where a massage tokai might help.

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Let gravity do the work. You can try running up and down stairs for variety. downhill running will improve your running speeds for hilly runs but also flat running. It is also brilliant for coordination, strength and cardiovascular fitness.