Camping – Get Those Tents Up!

The best hiking trails of Santa Cruz County are plentiful and are spread throughout the area. The Monarch Trail located at Natural Bridges State Beach It is known for its rock type bridges that naturally appear throughout the area. Monarchs frequent the trail and light upon the Eucalyptus trees. The boardwalk is wheelchair accessible and leads to a simple trail.

MP 5.9 Mountain Farm Trail is an easy, quarter mile self-guiding walk through a reconstructed 19th century Appalachian mountain farm. During summer months, there are living demonstrations in the farmstead, reenacting life on the farm long ago.

This hiking trail is moderate in difficulty and takes approximately 2 hours to hike. The trail is about 3.6 miles round-trip, and begins at the entrance to Eldorado Canyon State Park, a world renowned rock climbing area. The trail makes its way up the southern flank of Eldorado Mountain, crossing a small stream on its way up to the ruins of the historic Crags Hotel. Built in 1908, the hotel was accessed via an inclined railway from the canyon floor, and burned down in 1913. To get to Eldorado Canyon State Park follow Broadway (93) South to Eldorado Canyon Road (CO 170) where you will turn right and follow this road all the way into the park. There is a small park fee upon entrance and a visitors center.

You can also find great hiking options by simply contacting local hiking parks and hiking gear. This is especially handy if you’re interested in hiking within your locality. Grab the yellow pages and see what you come up with. A quick phone call to a local hiking park can generate plenty of information. Don’t forget to ask them to send along a brochure or map either. If the park is really close, you may even want to swing by and check it out in person.

It is preferable to have a selection of different choices, when planning your hike. You may ponder the possibility of the perfect hiking trail, and how you might go about finding that. Obviously, it all depends on your ability, and your companions and their abilities; whether you take tents or a camper van; time of year, weather patterns, etc. All this has a bearing on choice. Some considerations to take into account are briefly outlined below for you.

Take the appropriate footwear and clothing. Running shoes and trainers will wear quickly and are not suitable for braving steep mountains and rocky terrain. Proper walking boots are essential for longer hikes and appropriate clothing is also important, taking into account the temperature and the weather conditions.

One should choose their Arizona Trails on the stratum they are presented with. A beginner can start off with the Ruin Trails in Sierra Vista at the Massi point. Immense number of choices is available for those who begin with and they can take a simple one instead of an arduous one. The easy trails will also be physically demanding. There are also kid friendly Arizona trails obtainable for E.g.: In the Phoenix zone there are the Tortilla creek loop, the Overton loop where the Spring valley Trail which is otherwise named the Tortuga Trail is more advisable.

While there, be sure to find the nearby Wards Falls Hiking Trail. The trail is much shorter than that found in Cape Chigneto, totaling about 6.5 miles. But here you can feel the rush of a 20 foot high waterfall at the end of this little trail. And with its deep gorge, you get a spectacular view, small but still challenging.