Be Ready When Creativity And Inspiration Strike

Inspiration can help drive salespeople to do great things. What is your source of inspiration? Are you inspired by the feats of others? Or does your inspiration come from within, perhaps from a challenge you face in your own life that you want to overcome? Here are a few ideas for sources of inspiration you can use to help you achieve success.

For some traders, the AF motivation is so strong that they feel that not losing money is more important than wealth. Hence, they decide to pack up and stop trading all together. For others, they are constantly flipping between these two types of motivations. Some days, they feel energised and want to achieve their goals (T Motivation), so they face the market and work hard to find more trade (set ups). On other days, they struggle to pull the trigger (AF Motivation).

Quite a lot of the people become involved in a home based business programme due to good salesmanship and not after they have done their homework. They have high expectations of making big bucks quickly, without much effort or work and study.

A discussion of motivation and Browse new tips is not complete without a mention of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Psychologist Maslow wrote a paper in 1934 titled ‘A Theory of Human Motivation’. In this paper, he gave his opinion on what he thought motivates human behaviour. The lowest motivation for human conduct is a desire to acquire some creature comforts. You are at this level if you are struggling to get by. Those at the highest levels of human motivation seek to self-actualize. They live for higher things, believed in higher ideals, and move for higher reasons motivated by the highest human thoughts.

So now we have two concepts that influence motivation (emotions and logic). That is the major difference between the different types of motivation. So how do we get to 4 different types?

When you’re feeling low, hope is what pulls you out of it. Hope is what makes you set goals. Hope gives you faith that you will succeed. And if you have tremendous hope for something, you will eventually get it. It’s the magic ingredient, and something you definitely need.

Also, write down your goals and everything you need to do in order to achieve it in a journal. Read it often to not lose track of your ultimate destination. Create your own inspiration and stick to it all the time to transcend all possible boundaries brought up by the fear of failure.