A Cat Eating Dog Food – Not A Good Idea

Although cats groom themselves regularly, you must bathe your cat at least once a month in order to removes allergens, fleas, odor and dirt. Accustom kittens to the process, beginning around three months of age. Make sure to keep your cats dry and warm after a bath.

Good cat food must include the right balance of protein, essential fats, minerals, vitamins and fibre to keep your cat in top condition. It is worth paying that little bit extra for a ‘name’ food as they have a reputation to protect.

You don’t need to read an article instructing you on how to spoil a cat. However, here are small and inexpensive things my cat, Sassy, has enjoyed the last nine years (besides, what kind of cat owner would I be if I didn’t mention my furry friend?).

The consequence of the occasional nibble will possibly be a bout of diarrhea. But if Fido regularly feasts on kitties chow he will almost certainly become overweight and that’s not a good thing. This is because of the higher protein and calorie content. There are also nutrients that Fido needs that a feline menu will not supply.

A cat not getting enough taurine can end up with heart disease, eye problems (including eventual blindness,) dental problems and even hair loss. Queens who don’t consume this amino Best Cat Food for Weight Loss in sufficient quantity over time, run the risk of pregnancy problems including smaller litters and stillbirths.

Wet food – Cats mostly prefer wet food for their meals. They love food mixed with milk and water. But the preparation of wet food should be done with care as they have they can accumulate bacteria. The left over wet food should be disposed of immediately to avoid indigestion and other problems in the cat.

These are only some things to stay away from. Look to see if your dog or cat food contains vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and bacteria cultures to name a few.