7 Key Ways To Become A Persuasive Speaker

We spend our days busy as ever, the clock just ticking away. And always, there is something to do, something to see, something to write. It’s no crime if you love to write like I do. Of course, writing does have it’s flaws: very time consuming, can be taken for granted, sometimes nothing happens, etc. Sometimes we can get scammed by some companies. It’s sad, but true.

In order to overcome your fear of presentation training you must change your thoughts. Think positive thoughts and you will attract positive energy to help you deliver a powerful message.

A clear roadmap for your presentation is a great stress reducer. Once you know what you’re going to say, do and draw, it’s a lot easier to handle the amount of time you have in front of a group. If you aren’t 100% sure how to structure a compelling story, take a professional training webinar to find out.

You may also consider preparing some visual aids, such as PowerPoint, Posters, Projections, Videos, etc. During your speech, visual aids can help you easy move from one subject to another, and you will only become more confident as you move on. Of course, you need to practice with them as much as you can before the speech.

The easiest way to love public speakings to simply stop caring if you mess up in front of an audience. I know it’s strange to hear this, but it’s very true. When I realized that I could just “joke-away” my mess-ups, I would have my audience laugh with me 100% of the time instead of AT me. It was great. This actually put a greater touch on the presentations that I was doing because I got to build a deeper connection with the crowd.

What did he do wrong? First of all, the slides were crowded and hard to read. Also, instead of making eye contact with the audience, he spoke to the slides on the screen or buried his eyes in his notes, which he read from almost verbatim. Finally, he stood in front of the projector light so we could see his silhouette against the screen instead of the words on his slides.

I’m sure if you have a fear of public speaking, and are inexperienced at it, this seems like a lot to remember. Don’t worry. It can be learned. You can even improve your art of public speaking by taking public speaking courses if you feel they are necessary. Just remember to stay focused and calm, and learn from your mistakes. The more you speak, reflect on what you’ve done, and make adjustments, the better you’ll be.